If Britain can do it, New Hampshire can do it. 

Why independence?
Oct 22 NHexit sign wave
Open letter regarding crisis with Russia
Oct 8: Dispersed NHexit sign wave
Sept. 3: Potluck for exiters - Lakes Region
Aug 8: Support TBNT's demonstration over Laconia Fed cop grant 
July 22: DC-out-of-NH demonstration,Portsmouth. 
Media coverage of NHexit.com...mostly of the June 26 protest.
Interacting with press: Tips from an insider
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Web forum discussion / statement on Brexit 
Free ways to help 
Statement on the Dallas sniper attack
Our Bitcoin address: 1NHexitZ7ZPWWcbAv5FCram1a2dKTtevzk
Other NH-sovereignty-friendly groups:

Foundation for New Hampshire Independence - They're a 501(c)3, unlike us.
Free State Project - Moving 20,000 liberty-minded folk to NH 
NH Liberty Party 

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